Breastfeeding Challenges

When you’re experiencing breastfeeding challenges, it can be a time of great vulnerability.  The emotion that comes with a breastfeeding experience which is less than rewarding can be very strong, even overwhelming sometimes.  Having been through a disappointing breastfeeding experience with my first baby, I can very much relate to the feelings and frustration that can come from breastfeeding challenges.

That’s why it is so important to get the right help early.  For some people it means having a consultation before the baby arrives so they have a clearer picture of what to expect once their baby is born and is breastfeeding.  It may mean looking back at what has happened to contribute to the situation so it can be changed.  For others it means recognising that either things are not going well or are not improving.  Sometimes just recognising what is normal for newborns can help.

Often breastfeeding challenges are easily rectified.  Some may be ongoing or need more complex management.  Most mothers find that the effort they put in to overcome their breastfeeding challenge is well worth it.

Breastfeeding is NOT MEANT TO BE PAINFUL.  If it is, you might like to contact me to decide if you need a consultation.

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