Before Baby Is Born

I am sometimes asked why I would need to see a pregnant woman about breastfeeding before the baby is even born.  It’s a good question and one that has many answers.

Some of the reasons a mother may wish to see an IBCLC during pregnancy are relate to a medical condition she may have.  There are a few medical conditions which mean that the mother needs to keep a particularly close eye on how her baby is feeding.  These may be related to an endocrine disorder, breast surgery or other history.  The aim of these consultations is to do a thorough history and discuss ways to enhance breastfeeding for this baby.

Sometimes it is the baby who is expected to have a medical condition which may affect breastfeeding.  In this case, it is often best to be as informed as possible and then see how the baby goes once they arrive.  This can be a very emotional time for parents who are unsure what to expect and need lots of support and reassurance to breastfeed (or breastmilk feed) their baby.

Very often a parent is expecting their second or third baby and has had a disappointing breastfeeding journey with their previous child/ren.  It is often very helpful for these people to see an IBCLC before this new baby comes along.  It’s a really good time to look back at what happened last time and put some strategies in place to avoid these (and other) pitfalls this time around.  Sometimes just being able to recognise just what IS normal, can make a difference.

Other parents-to-be are interested in being as informed as possible before their first baby comes along.  Often there is a massive focus during pregnancy simply on the actual birth without much emphasis on the breastfeeding journey which is to follow.  My sessions help to inform parents on how they can enhance the likelihood of successful breastfeeding.

If you are pregnant and considering a breastfeeding preparation session, please feel free to contact me to discuss whether one of theses sessions would be suitable for you and your situation.  If your partner (or other support person) is interested in attending, I strongly encourage it.


  1. Debbie Brown

    After putting so much time and effort into the pregnancy and birth of my first child, I was side-swiped when I got home with my new baby and struggled dreadfully with breastfeeding. By the time I saw a lactation consultant, things were spiralling out of control. Low supply, not attaching well, very painful breasts, and I, dreading every feed. The IBCLC was able to look at my situation and give me specific strategies that allowed me to continue breastfeeding my baby. If I had known of or learned these things before the birth, my experience would have been very different. As a result I organised consultations before and straight after the birth of my second child. I credit these consultations to successfully breastfeeding my second child right from birth.

    I will always recommend seeing a IBCLC before the birth, everytime.

  2. Stacey Revie

    Thanks for your post, Debbie. It’s always nice to hear that a mother is able to find the help she needs regarding breastfeeding. Alot of mums who see me before their baby is born are looking for answers about what happened last time and how to avoid the same pitfalls this time around. So many people I talk to wish they had been more prepared for breastfeeding their first baby, and that keeps me motivated to provide antenatal education about breastfeeding.

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