A Pleasant Day At Work

I really do love the work I do.  Sometimes I get the opportunity to work with a mother and baby who amaze me with their ability.  Last week I was able to witness a mother and baby who, despite lots of trying, had not been able to make breastfeeding work for them.  This diligent mum pumped her milk to maintain her supply and the baby was fed with a bottle.  After a little bit of homework, this baby attached to her very happy mummy and began to feed away.  The mum was impressed by her baby’s ability, and I had goose bumps just watching this peaceful scene.

There is still some learning to be done for this mum and bub, but it just goes to show how resilient a baby’s ability to go to the breast can be.  Most research supports that until at least three months of age, a baby’s instincts, abilities and reflexes to breastfeed can be utilised to help guide them back to the breast.

It’s not always an easy journey, but guiding a mother and baby back to breastfeeding can be a very rewarding experience for everyone.

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