For mothers and babies it can take some time to adjust to cooler temperatures.  Babies can begin to wake more frequently and mother’s nipples can have a painful reaction when exposed to the cold air.

Babies are born very immature.  They need a lot from their parents – one of them being warmth.  Immediately after birth, the best way to keep a baby warm is to place them skin-to-skin with their mother, wrap the two of them up and leave them be.

Once you get your baby home, they need to have their temperature regulated by you.  Some babies will wake frequently through the night if they are not comfortable with the temperature.  When the weather’s chilly, it can be a bit of a challenge to know what to dress them in and how to keep them at the right temperature.  Again, having lots of skin-to-skin time is great, but it’s just not practical to do skin-to-skin all day every day until they’re 6 months old, so we need to put some strategies in place to keep them cosy.  Here’s some ideas

  • Dress them in a singlet, nappy and all-in-one suit with layers over
  • Have your baby sleep in the same room as you.  This way you are more likely to be aware of the room temperature and can adjust it if necessary
  • Heat the room to a suitable temperature
  • Use safe bedding to either wrap them or cover them in the cot/bassinette/rocker etc
  • Sometimes babies can be distracted by wraps and blankets when they are first learning to feed, so this is when you can have them in just the basics then cover the both of you
  • It’s not just the baby who needs to keep warm.  When breastfeeding, sometimes a mum’s tummy is exposed to the cool air.  There are many styles of breastfeeding tops available that help cover the tummy and only expose the least amount of skin possible.
  • Sometimes the cold can exacerbate a condition called nipple vasospasm.  This means that the cold stimulates a reaction in the nipple which is very painful.  If you need information on this, please contact me.

So, while the weather’s cool, rug up and enjoy a bit of snuggle time with your little one – it keeps everyone warm and is a great way to bond with your baby.

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