Breastfeeding Plans

When someone finds out they are having a baby, a whole new world opens up.  There is often a huge focus on when/where/how the birth will take place.  People discuss at length, exactly how they are going to manage labour or a C/S.  No detail is left to the imagination and friends and family often like to give you their opinion on what your choices should be.

This is not always the case with breastfeeding.  I often find that when I’m talking to mums of young bubs, they felt totally unprepared for the reality of life ‘on the other side’.  Most women think that because it is such a natural process that they don’t need to do any preparation for breastfeeding.  And while this is true for alot of mums, many women find that being informed may well have made their journey much easier.

What are your choices in terms of breastfeeding, what can you do to help get breastfeeding off to a great start, what can you expect from a breastfeed and a breastfed baby, when do I need to get help, how long should I feed a baby, when should I change sides, how do I know that my baby is getting enough?  These questions are best answered before the baby arrives – when you (and your partner) are calm, well-rested and able to absorb information that can help you to make a smoother transition into breastfeeding.  It can also help to already be in contact with someone who is able to support you once your baby arrives, knows your individual situation and is expecting your call.

Having a breastfeeding plan and information suited to your individual situation has helped many people to make better choices during the first few hours and weeks with their new baby.  If you would like to have a breastfeeding preparation session with me or would like to discuss  your individual breastfeeding needs, please feel free to contact me.


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