A Mother’s Testimonial

Here’s a testimonial that I received from a lovely mum I worked with.

“I contacted Stacey after a recommendation by a relative, and my baby and I are very thankful to have utilised her services.  At 6 weeks of age my baby began crying constantly and not sleeping.  My husband and I were at the end of our tether not completely understanding why.  Stacey was quick to realise the problem had been not enough food as I had been advised to feed on one breast every 3 hours due to an oversupply of foremilk that was causing baby very painful wind.  She helped me to get back to recognising my baby’s needs rather than a set routine that obviously was not working.  I instantly had a contented baby and although looking back on it now it would have made sense to see I had a hungry baby – sticking to the advice I was given, attending to a very distressed baby and sleep deprivation had really clouded my judgment.   Stacey also reassured me my baby was getting plenty of milk after assessing a feed.  Soon after increasing the feeds, offering both breasts and relaxing with the ‘routines’ that I had read so much about in books, I had a much more relaxed baby who began sleeping through the night when she was 7 weeks old.  As Stacey had suggested she would find her own sleeping pattern with time and she did. 

Stacey also helped me work out a plan for returning to work that was excellent and put my mind at ease that it is possible to carry on with breastfeeding while working. 

 I thank Stacey for the way she was compassionate and understanding through the whole consultation.  Stacey was also very in tune with the demands and guilt that mothers feel and was very proactive in recognising and helping deal with my emotional health issues.   Her follow-up emails were a great support. 

As breastfeeding comes with many challenges and ongoing changes as baby develops I would recommend Stacey’s lactation services to any breastfeeding mum who find themselves confused by all of the advice out there that isn’t working for them.”

Danielle F

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