What Happens During A Consultation?

If you have not seen a lactation consultant in private practice, you might be wondering what actually happens while I’m with you.  There is a general flow that I usually follow, but ultimately, I work around what the baby and the mother need.  All of my consultations are in your home.

There are three basic types of consultations I provide – Breastfeeding Preparation Sessions (for before birth), Breastfeeding Not Going To Plan Consultations (after the baby’s born) and Return To Work Plans.  This post will discuss the Breastfeeding Not Going To Plan Consultation – which are the majority of my work.

Before a consultation, there has usually been a brief phone/email conversation to establish what is needed and have arranged timing so that the baby will be looking for a feed at some point during the consultation.  We usually start with a short health history of mum , briefly discuss the birth and the potential impacts this may be having on breastfeeding and then we discuss how feeding has been going.  If your baby is not ready for a feed at this time, we discuss the likely things that may be going on and suggest some strategies that are likely to improve the situation – so you know what to expect and feel prepared when your baby is ready to feed.

If the baby is showing feeding cues while we are discussing the birth or feeding history, I usually suggest we go back to the history after your baby has fed.

After or during the feed (depending on the length and comfort level of the feed), we make a breastfeeding plan that the mother feels is manageable – trying to meet breastfeeding goals for both you and your baby.  We agree on a timeframe for you to contact me to discuss your progress (usually 24-48hrs depending on the situation)  After I leave, I email a summary of our discussion to you so that you can refer back to it when necessary.

The consultation fee is payable on the day and includes follow-up with phone/text/email and a discount should another consultation be needed.  I do my accounts once/week usually and will email the paid invoice to you.  Some private health funds will give a rebate for my services.

Things to do if I’m coming to you –

  • Have your child health record handy (the red/maroon book)
  • Write down any questions you have – even if you think they sound silly
  • PJ’s are just fine – as are dirty dishes and piles of laundry
  • If you have a pet, PLEASE make sure they are secured in another room.  I really do love animals, but pets can either be distracting or physically get in the way of me being able to do my job.
  • Partners and support people are encouraged to be there when possible
  • I will need to see at least part of a feed while I am there – please speak to me about your baby’s needs

If you would like further information on whether you need a consultation, please call me on 0403 677 467, or fill in the information on the contact me page.  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Hi I am having my 1st baby 15/4/15 I am a bit nervous interested in your service and price please thank you

    • Stacey Revie

      I have sent you a private response and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  2. Hello, I have a 2 week old baby who doesn’t take to the bottle or beast at times and gags, interested in your service and prices.
    Thank you,
    Brydion 🙂

    • Stacey Revie

      Hi Brydion, I would be happy to work with you regarding these issues. Please call me to discuss fees. They vary depending on your circumstances/location. When you speak to me, I will not push for you to have a consult – that decision is completely up to you. My number is 0403 677 467. I look forward to hearing from you.



  3. Jennifer

    Hi Stacey,
    I had my second baby on Wednesday (Dec 31) and despite initial promising signs on days 1 and 2, she is not attaching and refusing to. She tries for about a minute then gets very upset, distressed and frustrated. Currently bottle feeding my expressed milk. Breaks my heart after my first fed so well. How much do you charge?

    • Stacey Revie

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for contacting me through my website. Please give me a call to discuss your situation and times/costs involved. My number is 0403 677 467. I think your choice to temporarily give your bubba your milk from a bottle is a reasonable choice until you are able to get back to breastfeeding. I look forward to hearing from you. Stacey

  4. Kaila

    Hi Stacey, my name is kaila and I’m interested in your service. I’m 40 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and hoping I’m successful at breast feeding this time. I think I need abit of help 🙂
    If you could email me your location and prices that would be great. Thankyou and looking forward to hearing back from you soon 🙂

  5. Krystle

    Hello Stacey,
    Im currently 33wks with my second baby. My 1dt bubba is just 16mths and still requires me to settle him to sleep during the night whenever he wakes up which can be from 1-4 times a night. I was unfortunately not very successful with breastfeeding him which totally gutted me and I am really wanting to solely breastfeed my second baby. Im in need of help big time and especially as my beautiful little boy still uses my breasts as a dummy. I was also wondering about your prices and location as im currently living in Montville near the Sunshine Coast. Looking forward to hearing from you. Krystle

    • Stacey Revie

      Hi Krystle, Thank you for contacting me. Great that you are looking into being prepared for this next bubba of yours. Please feel free to call me (0403 677 467) to discuss fees etc. We may be able to work something out regarding your location. I look forward to hearing from you.



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