As an LC, I try to keep in sync with expectant and new parents, and what they need from my services.  During a consultation I often need to convey large amounts of information.  It can be very daunting for new parents to take all this in.  For this reason, I set up an easily accessible platform for this information – a facebook page to provide my clients (and anyone interested) with some information on breastfeeding and gentle parenting.  The aim of the page is to give people

  • evidence-base information on infant sleep
  • breastfeeding information
  • expressing tips
  • breastmilk science
  • supportive organisations and services
  • resources which may be helpful to a breastfeeding mother, her baby and family

This page is much broader than my website, so please feel free to have a look around the page, comment and ‘like’ the page if it appeals to you.  Look for me under ‘Stacey Revie – Lactation Consultant’


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