Antenatal Advice

My Breastfeeding Preparation Sessions help you to prepare for your breastfeeding journey while you are pregnant.  You will be armed with information on getting things off to a great start and can be especially helpful if breastfeeding didn’t go well last time. 

Antenatal Preparations Sessions are available as an Antenatal Package which includes the Preparation Session, support until your bubba’s birth, during your birthing time and a consultation in your home within 7 days of your bubba’s arrival.  They can also be organised as a single consultation.

During the Antenatal Preparation Session we will discuss

  • your individual situation and history,
  • things you can do to get breastfeeding off to a great start,
  • what to expect of your newborn,
  • ways to overcome common breastfeeding challenges should they arise

Research shows that when you have received breastfeeding education before your bubba arrives, you are more likely to have better breastfeeding outcomes. With the right information, lots of breastfeeding challenges can be avoided.

Sessions include an email summary/plan, follow-up phone call/text and discount if you need another consultation once your bubba is here.