Painful Breastfeeding

When mothers are seen breastfeeding their babies, it is often the picture of serenity.  For some mothers this happens straight from birth – the baby goes to the breast for the first time, latches well and takes in the liquid gold.  For others it can be a rocky journey which takes time, patience and assistance to get right.

Breastfeeding should NOT be painful.  As Christina Smilie says – pain is the body’s way of guiding us to comfort.  There are many reasons why breastfeeding may be painful.  There may be a simple adjustment which can help the situation such as improving the baby’s position.  The baby may have had a difficult birth and may need supporting for a time until feeding improves.  Some babies have a tongue tie which is restricting the baby’s ability to feed and causing damage to the mother.

With all these situations (and others), a lactation consultant can help to work out the cause of the pain and make breastfeeding more comfortable and enjoyable.  If breastfeeding is painful, you can contact me to discuss if your particular situation might benefit from a consultation.

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