Too Much Milk?

When we’re talking breastfeeding most people think more milk is better.  Some mothers, however, have a great ability to produce enough milk for their baby and then some.

This can be the case in the early days when the hormones that stimulate milk production go into overdrive.  The mother may feel overfull (engorged).  The baby may have difficulty attaching because of the fullness of the breast.

For most people, this initial ‘overdrive’ settles in the coming days and weeks as the baby regulates their supply.  For others, their breasts continue to supply more milk than the baby needs.  This may contribute to a baby whose behaviour is unsettled, who wants to suck very frequently and is producing lots of dirty nappies which may be green and/or frothy.

Some mothers with an over abundant supply also find that their milk flow is very fast.  If the milk flows quickly, the baby may be able to deal with it well, or you might hear the baby splutter or come off the breast.  Some mothers find that their baby may cough or sound like they’re choking or milk may come out of their nose.  Some mothers will hear a clicking sound only when the faster milk flows.

There are many measures that can be taken to help mothers and babies facing this situation.  Some of them are as simple as a change in feeding position and some of these take more effort and commitment to see improvement.

If you’d like to discuss your breastfeeding challenges, please contact me.  As with other breastfeeding challenges, when managed well, this too will come to pass.

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